Roofing Inspections

We will inspect all important areas of your roof, including all gutters and downpipes. We can inspect:

Metal roof sheets

We will discover any rusted metal sheets allowing water to enter.

Polycarbonate roofs

We look for deterioration or cracking that will be allowing water to enter.


We look for penetration around flue/pipes to discover any broken, cracked or split seals.

Timber, fascia, barge, gable

We will find any timber that is rotten, broken, or split; allowing water and wildlife to enter.

Flashings – chimney, skylight, apron

We search for any rusted or broken seals that will be allowing water to enter.

External gutters and downpipes

We can protect you from rusted or broken sealants that will be allowing water to enter.

Valley gutters

Valley gutters are often rusted or suffering cement bedding problems.

Tiles, ridge caps & gables

Often these items become displaced or have missing cement bedding. We also look for any broken, cracked or damaged tiles.

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